September 8, 2017

I got an email from a listener (whom I will refer to only by his first name, Alex) who had some feedback on my recent episode with Andy Martin from Zillow. The email was long but I can paraphrase the core question in this snip... View More >

January 25, 2017

We release Data Skeptic on Fridays. Why? Because that's what we've always done. The initial choice had two motivations. First, on a personal level, none of the podcasts that I listen to immediately come out reliably on Friday. If someone's tastes are identical to mine (a likely potential fan of the show) I wouldn't be competing with my other favorite podcasts. Second, in terms of my schedule, I found it would be more probably have the least trouble staying on track with relea... View More >

November 20, 2016

Whether you want to back up a local copy of your favorite show or are a luddite who refuses to use Podcast software, there are definite times you might want to download the entire available catalog of a given podc... View More >

November 17, 2016
Why I Use Libsyn

by Kyle Polich

From time to time I get asked by new and aspiring podcasters how to get started and grow an audience. In particular, someone asked me where to host their show, so I decided to share some thoughts h... View More >

August 13, 2016
I Love Levelator

by Kyle Polich

If you are a podcaster, click as fast as you can over to download Levelator, a free piece of software that helps tremendously with podcast product... View More >