Open House

April 23, 2017

In this post, I'll present the quickest way to get up and running fast, doing analysis on real estate data using Python. We'll make a request to the OpenHouse API, retrieve some data, and then do a quick analysis. You won't need any prior experience beyond basic Python to follow this walkthro... View More >

April 20, 2017
Bitcoin for Land Management?

by Megan Ray Nichols

Bitcoin has been gaining popularity as a next-gen digital currency. The security, visibility and efficiency offered through the blockchain - a secure, highly encrypted network that serves as the foundation for all Bitcoin transactions - make it highly useful when it comes to thwarting cyber criminals and would-be identity thie... View More >

February 8, 2017

The OpenHouse project requires certain decisions to be made on direction for the future. When it comes to bugs, there's no controversy - fix them! When it comes to product choices (what functionality should we have?) or design decisions (what color should it be?), the answer isn't always obvious. We're going to introduce a formal decision making process which is outlined be... View More >

November 22, 2016
OpenHouse 2017 Goals

by Kyle Polich

Although we're still in November 2016 as I write this, the Data Skeptic team is busy at work formulating plans for 2017. In particular, we're scoping out what our priorities should be for the OpenHouse project next y... View More >

November 15, 2016

In many geographic areas, we have so many listings, that we must return a limited sample. When visiting, we cannot expect users to wait extended periods of time for tens of thousands of listings to be downloaded. The same is true for API users, although they should already specify the limit field to meet their ne... View More >

November 10, 2016
Price Per Square Foot

by Kyle Polich

As you can see above, the fits need more work to remove multi-colinearity and address cases where some coefficients have low confidence. But for a quick analysis, let's conti... View More >

October 18, 2016

This video introduces the OpenHouse Crawler and the template for how volunteers can contribute to it. The Crawler will run on AWS Lambda, so Sameer gives a great overview of this serv... View More >

September 2, 2016

Demo video showing work in progress on OpenHouse, how the projects are set up, and how people can contrib... View More >