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Modelling Evolution

In this episode, we are joined by Ben Haller, a research programmer at Cornell University. Ben is interested in evolutionary biology and uses his experience as a software developer to build a software program called SLiM.

Ben discussed what SLiM does — running genetic simulations. He discussed how the idea of building SLiM came about. He also mentioned the capabilities of SLiM and how users can learn to use the software.

Ben also discussed the technical and biological background expected of a user to create models on SLiM. He discussed the inputs (Eidos code) the model needs to create simulations. He also cited examples of some learning behavior a user can simulate in SLiM. He provided ideas for improving SLiM's capability.

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Ben Haller

I was born in 1971 in Chicago and grew up in Ithaca, NY, where my parents worked for Cornell University. My journey into programming started at a very young age, on a terminal connected to Cornell's IBM mainframe in my father's office. Before I finished high school, I released my first published shareware program, a video game called Solarian II for the early color Mac.

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