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AI Roundtable

Kyle is joined by friends and former guests Pramit Choudhary and Frank Bell to have an open discussion of the impacts LLMs and machine learning have had in the past year on industry, and where things may go in the current year.

Frank Bell

​Frank Bell is a SnowPro, entrepreneur, and data thought leader and has been working with databases since 1994 when he first started with Oracle in the United States Air Force. He ran the consulting firm IT Strategists from 1999 to 2019 and built one of the fastest growing Snowflake practices in 2018 which was sold to Fairway Technologies and then acquired by Accenture. He now runs IT Strategists Cloud Products (ITS) and Snowflake Solutions which are focused on building Snowflake tools such as DQmation (data quality automation). He also leads the Accenture Snowflake West Market unit. He has lived, breathed, and eaten Snowflake since early 2018 and believes Snowflake and the data cloud are one of the top game-changing technologies of this decade.

Pramit Choudhary

Pramit is an applied Machine learning researcher. He currently works at (leading open source data science and machine learning platform) as a Lead Data Scientist. His area of interest includes Statistical/Machine Learning techniques (Bayesian and Frequentist techniques) with emphasis on experimental design.
Currently, he is excited about the possibilities of adversarial learning and model inference(interpretation). He is an active member of the PyData group(an educational program of NumFOCUS) and chairs the PyData SoCal meetup.

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