The Panel Study of Income Dynamics

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Longitudinal Household Survey

Noura Insolera, a Research Investigator with the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) at the Institute for Social Research (ISR), University of Michigan, joins us today. She joins us to share how PSID conducts household surveys and some of their findings from the data exploration.

Noura started with a background into what PSID does and how it began. PSID conducts a longitudinal household survey to understand the living conditions of families along generational lines. She also explained the evolution of the institute’s research methods over the years.

Noura discussed the contents of their data and the potential research questions it can help answer. She also shared the conditions for accessing the data and publications from the data. She also discussed how PSID keeps up with evolving careers and technologies.

Noura shared the findings from their data exploration. She focused on the trends and observations in food insecurity. She explained what food insecurity was and the levels of food insecurity. She shared the percentage of people living with food insecurity and the observed trends over the years. She also shared the demography of those prone to food insecurity and its impact on their lives.

Rounding off, Noura discussed how the findings from their studies can help shape governmental policies. She emphasized transparency in their data cleaning process. She also shared projects in the works for PSID in 2023, particularly the final release of the 2021 data this year. You can learn more about PSID on their official website or follow them on Twitter @umpsid. You can also follow Noura on Twitter @ninsolera.

Noura Insolera

Noura Insolera is a Research Investigator at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. She leads the Education and Outreach team for the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. Dr. Insolera’s research focuses on health, educational, and socioeconomic outcomes of income inequality and the social and economic factors that can ameliorate its effects. Her interdisciplinary approach to this subject connects sociology and economics with public health and survey research in order to obtain a comprehensive life course perspective.