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The Gallup Poll

To wrap up our season on surveys, we are joined by Jeff Jones, the Senior Editor at Gallup. Jones has been with Gallup since 1998 and has been involved in the Gallup polls since 2000. On the show, he discusses the process of creating polls at Gallup.

Jeff began with a brief rundown of how Gallup started. He discussed how Gallup metamorphosed from predicting the winner of the presidential election to measuring public sentiments on a wide range of things. He discussed the methods Gallup uses to source their poll respondents. He also discussed how they ensure their sample demography matches the US population.

Jeff also discussed the analysis involved after receiving the poll results. He discussed the efforts involved in ensuring their questions and results remain neutral. He shared how Gallup detects strange results in their pipeline.

Jeff discussed the evolution of Gallup’s questions in the face of continuous technological changes. He rounded up by sharing trends of Gallup surveys. If you want to work at Gallup and have a research background, visit Gallup’s careers page to learn more.

Jeffrey M. Jones

Jeffrey M. Jones, Ph.D., has served as a Gallup Senior Editor since 2000, overseeing research and conducting analysis for Gallup's U.S. polling and other public release surveys. His research on public opinion and voting behavior has been published in academic journals and edited books.