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Arxiv Publication Patterns

Today, we are joined by Rajiv Movva, a PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell Tech University. His research interest lies in the intersection of responsible AI and computational social science. He joins to discuss the findings of this work that analyzed LLM publication patterns.

He shared the dataset he used for the survey. He also discussed the conditions for determining the papers to analyze. Rajiv shared some of the trends he observed from his analysis. For one, he observed there has been an increase in LLMs research. He also shared the proportions of papers published by universities, organizations, and industry leaders in LLMs such as OpenAI and Google. He mentioned the majority of the papers are centered on the social impact of LLMs. He also discussed other exciting application of LLMs such as in education.

Rajiv unpacked the process of performing his analysis. He mentioned the differences between the research of academic institutions and tech organizations. He also shared the trends in organizational collaboration during research.

Rounding up, Rajiv gave a hint about some of his future work. Follow Rajiv on Twitter/X @rajivmovva.

Rajiv Movva

Raj is a PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell Tech. He’s interested in the social implications of machine learning systems, especially algorithms involving health and/or language data. As an undergrad, he studied Computer Science at MIT, with minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Biology.