A Long Way Till AGI

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A Long Way till AGI

Our guest today is Maciej Świechowski. Maciej is affiliated with QED Software and QED Games. He has a Ph.D. in Systems Research from the Polish Academy of Sciences. Maciej joins us to discuss findings from his study, Deep Learning and Artificial General Intelligence: Still a Long Way to Go.

Maciej shared how he started his journey in AI and his thoughts about the prospect of evolutionary algorithms. He discussed factors that could drive the growth of evolutionary algorithms.

Maciej stated reasons why AGI is still a long way ahead. He shared his skepticism on AGI, particularly with AI’s inability to have intuition — a fundamental human component. He also discussed the limitations of big neural networks. He addressed the vulnerability of models to attack and what it takes to achieve AGI.

Maciej discussed how AI is used in game production and the current challenges faced in the industry. You can learn more about Maciej and his work on LinkedIn.