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Kasey Wagoner

Kasey Wagoner is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics at Princeton University. He's particularly interested in exploring students' interests in physics labs and how those interests affect their learning of experimental physics. He's also active in the Atacama Cosmology Telescope and Simons Observatory cosmology collaborations where he focuses on ways to engage the broader public with the amazing science these collaborations are doing!

Tahiya Chowdhury

Tahiya Chowdhury is currently working as a doctoral researcher in Computer Engineering at Rutgers University, USA. Her work focuses on designing and developing machine learning tools for modeling physical world events to improve the quality of human life. Her current research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Ethics in Computing and Computing Education. Her goal is to design, develop and evaluate intelligent tools to facilitate fair, reliable, and transparent interaction between human and machine prediction.