Data Science at Patreon

In this week’s episode of Data Skeptic, host Kyle Polich talks with guest Maura Church, Patreon’s data science manager. Patreon is a fast-growing crowdfunding platform that allows artists and creators of all kinds build their own subscription content service. The platform allows fans to become patrons of their favorite artists— an idea similar the Renaissance times, when musicians would rely on benefactors to become their patrons so they could make more art. At Patreon, Maura’s data science team strives to provide creators with insight, information, and tools, so that creators can focus on what they do best-- making art.

On the show, Maura talks about some of her projects with the data science team at Patreon . Among the several topics discussed during the episode include: optical music recognition (OMR) to translate musical scores to electronic format, network analysis to understand the connection between creators and patrons, growth forecasting and modeling in a new market, and churn modeling to determine predictors of long time support.

A more detailed explanation of Patreon’s A/B testing framework can be found here

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Maura Church

Maura Church is a Data Science Manager at Patreon, where she focuses on growth modeling, product analytics, and building a great Data Science team. Before joining Patreon in 2015, she worked at Google fighting spam and abuse in communications products. Maura's work explores the intersection of art and technology, specifically how to use computational methods to change the way people relate to art. Maura holds a B.A. in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Music from Harvard University. When she's not working, you can find her singing in the San Francisco Bach choir, biking in Marin, or serving as a board member of the Grammy-award winning ensemble Chanticleer.