Book Reviews

September 13, 2017
Deep Thinking

by Kyle Polich

This blog post is about Garry Kasparov's Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins. Yet, it's not a review, exactly. Nor is this a response. These are just my thoughts I had during the deeply enjoyable time I spent reading this excellent b... View More >

February 25, 2017

I've been putting off writing this book review for a while now because I'm torn on how to best share my thoughts and impressions of it. There are aspects that, for me, were illuminating new information and case studies. There are points at which I emphatically agree with Cathy's perspective and point. There are times I agree with her point but not her rhetoric. There are times when I think the narrative might stray into alarm... View More >

February 22, 2017

I adore the first two books by Janna Levin. I first read her second, a work of fiction titled A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines. It's a work of fiction yet stars Alan Turing, Kurt Godel, and a few other historical figures. Its a beautiful and tragic tale of characters whose work I had a great familiarity with woven into a novel that blurs fact and fiction. Upon getting my hands on it, I stayed up all night until I'd finished it in the early morning. That's the only book I recall doing that w... View More >

December 12, 2016

Given the name of my website, its quite bayesian to infer that I'm a fan of Carl Sagan. I believe most people recognize him by name even if they're not familiar with his body of work. As Carl discusses in the opening, the very title "Billions and Billions" is probably the phrase the most quickly evokes thoughts of Carl. If the creators of the game Taboo had used Carl as the object to be guessed, surly "billions" would be the first restricted word, likely followed by "Johnny Carson", "Voyager", "Cosmos", and I would hope "skept... View More >

February 13, 2016
OpenIntro Statistics

by Kyle Polich

If you are just starting out in statistics and are curious about the R programming language, immediately get yourself a copy of OpenIntro Statistics. Unlike a lot of introductory textbooks, you won't be price gouged here. First off, the PDF version is free to download. If you'd like a physical copy, the team behind OpenIntro takes their principles of open and free education to a humorous level. As I understand it, they sell the book at cost and adjust the price to account for changes in those printing costs. Thus, you'll find the book for sale in peculiar amounts like $10.82. Right... View More >