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  • Data Skeptic consistently ranks in the top 5% of all podcasts by downloads; but is special because of its devoted following among the data science community.
  • We reach a targeted segment of professionals including data scientists, analysts, and engineers on a weekly basis. From the top CEOs, to the tech movers and shakers, we fulfill their appetite for facts-based knowledge in bite-sized audio.
  • Our followers look towards us to sniff out the top data trends; to see how the community gathers and interpret data. That makes Data Skeptic influential and powerful.
  • In the end, we're a community. And we can help you craft and deliver a message about your product or service to our highly targeted, devoted following.

Data Skeptic by the Numbers

  • Data Skeptic is the top 5% of all podcasts as evidenced by the growing 25k weekly downloads by unique subscribers.
  • To put that into perspective, 21% of the USA market listens to podcasts; which is equal to the percentage of people who use Twitter (in the USA).
  • Our listeners discovered Data Skeptic organically. More than 45% of listeners organically found us on iTunes, Stitcher or some other podcast discovery software.
  • Podcast listeners are 19% more likely to follow brands compared to Social media users.
  • 73% of podcast listeners, hear the podcast episode within 48 hours of downloading it; that isimmediate engagement.
  • We're influential and growing. Kyle Polich, as the Data Skeptic has spoken at high-profile events including IBM Insights, Big Data Day LA, and the Dallas Data Science conference.

Examples of Past Ad Sponsorships

  • We can help through a variety of ad types; see below two examples of the exceptional quality of our ads. Notice how the natural format allows seamless integration into the content.
  • The first example mirrors the regular Data Skeptic format to grab the viewer's attention; immediately gaining trust to better engage the listeners to take action!
  • Our ads are approachable, down-to-earth to maximize listener engagement.

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