ELO Ratings For NCAA Basketball

Most, if not all of you have probably filled out an NCAA tournament bracket where the goal is to pick the winner of each game. Filling out a bracket gives you a rooting interest in each game and is one of the reasons the tournament is so popular. In this post we hear from Darren Triplett about his use of ELO ratings for optimizing his picks.View More
May 21, 2018Notes on Uber's Experimentation PlatformI attended the Chicago AI & Data Science Conference 2018 this past weekend. I presented a talk, lead a panel, and had the opportunity to enjoy a number of interesting talks. The particular talk I took the most from was given by Jeremy Gu and Mandie Liu, both from Uber on their experimental platform.View More
May 7, 2018Ethical AI at MS Build 2018For a conference that is usually about product and service announcements, Build 2018 got off to a surprising start. This is Kyle's event summary.View More
August 19, 2018Algorithmic Detection of Fake News
The scale and frequency with which information can be distributed on social media makes the problem of fake news a rapidly metastasizing issue. To do any content filtering or labeling demands an algor...View More

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