A Skeptic's Perspective on AI

Last summer, I had the privilege of presenting for the 5th annual SkeptiCal Con 2018. The videos recently went live. I am very proud of this presentation and would appreciate you sharing it with anyone you think might enjoy it. Please check out my talk!View More
May 21, 2018Notes on Uber's Experimentation PlatformI attended the Chicago AI & Data Science Conference 2018 this past weekend. I presented a talk, lead a panel, and had the opportunity to enjoy a number of interesting talks. The particular talk I took the most from was given by Jeremy Gu and Mandie Liu, both from Uber on their experimental platform.View More
April 29, 2018Reinforcement Learning in the Real WorldWe've pulled together a few short videos that give interesting examples of robots that leverage reinforcement learning to do some physical task.View More
January 18, 2020Annotator Bias
The modern deep learning approaches to natural language processing are voracious in their demands for large corpora to train on.  Folk wisdom estimates used to be around 100k documents were required f...View More

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