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A Turing Test for X

Humans continue to build machines which are increasingly better and better at tasks we once thought only a human could do. Attempts to compare human actions to computer actions are sometimes referred to as "Turing Tests for _____". Is this an appropriate name? What are some noteworthy examples? Find out in this post.View More
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April 8, 2018GDPRThe European Union will be introducing a new privacy law on May 25 as a bid to bring data protection laws up to date with modern technology. The issue about privacy and personal data protection has been the focus of media attention recently, following the Facebook scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. The recent news surrounding those two companies has once again sparked the debate over our data into the mainstream— who owns it? Where and how is it being used or shared? And what should companies do to protect their custom customers?View More
March 25, 2018AI at MicrosoftIn this episode I catch up with Paige Bailey and Seth Juarez from Microsoft regarding how Microsoft is working on empowering developers to include artificial intelligence in their applications.View More
April 20, 2018The Imitation Game
This week on Data Skeptic, we begin the episode with a skit performance to introduce the topic of this show: The Imitation Game. We open with a scene in the distant future. The year is 2027, and compa...View More
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