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Olympic Robots

As the world's fifth biggest exporter and 10th-largest economy, South Korea has been known for its cutting-edge technology, having already deployed robotic teachers, industrial manufacturing workers, translators and service staff. This year at the Winter Olympics, which began on last Friday evening in South Korea, a fleet of eighty-five robots were deployed across the sporting venues in PyeongChang to provide a variety of services at these events, showcasing the nation's robotic prowess.View More
From the Blog
February 5, 2018Beer-in-Hand Data ScienceThe main question this analysis is meant to tackle is: are beer styles actually indicative of shared attributes of the beers within that style? Or are style boundaries more or less arbitrary? Is an IPA an IPA because it’s really distinguishable as such from other beers, or is it an IPA because that’s what it says on the label? I took two approaches to answer this question: unsupervised clustering and supervised prediction.View More
Amanda Dobbyn
January 29, 2018Deploying Machine Learning to Production with MS SQL ServerA dirty secret of machine learning in industry is how often people re-invent the wheel figuring out how to deploy their models into a production environment. Largely, this is due to the lack of canonical tools that have all the necessary bells and whistles. In this episode, I discuss the process with Tobias Ternström. We have a detailed discussion about the questions a practioneer would have when considering how they might use SQLServer as the right tool for their production machine learning model deployments. View More
Kyle Polich
February 16, 2018AI Decision Making
Making a decision is a complex task. Today's guest Dongho Kim discusses how he and his team at Prowler has been building a platform that will be accessible by way of APIs and a set of pre-made scripts...View More
Dongho Kim