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More and more businesses are using chatbots for customer support to provide customer service, offer product recommendations and engage with customers through targeted marketing campaigns. A well-designed messenger app can make it easier for customers to find the custom information they need, instead of spending a lot of time searching through a company or organization's website. For businesses, a chatbot could ease the load of customer support agents and help resolve simple service-related issues faster than a human.View More
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March 5, 2018Outspoken on AIWe picked a few noteworthy public figures and looked up their perspectives on artificial intelligence to share here. You may or may not agree with some or all of the perspectives featured here, but regardless, these are voices and perspectives which are influencing public opinion. Do you agree or disagree?View More
March 11, 2018JupyterLabWe recently adopted Jupyterlab at Data Skeptic HQ as our primary Python development procedure, superceeding plain vanilla Jupyter notebooks. At first, we weren't going to blog about it, until we noticed this one killer feature.View More
March 16, 2018The Master Algorithm
In this week’s episode, Kyle Polich interviews Pedro Domingos about his book, The Master Algorithm: How the quest for the ultimate learning machine will remake our world. In the book, Domingos describ...View More
Pedro Domingos
Pedro Domingos

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