Technology Advisor

When creating data science microservices, products, and systems, you need a scalable robust infrastructure and deployment plan. Picking the right platform to suit your use case is difficult. We can help cut through the marketing BS and identify the solutions that will scale for you.

Team Building

Are you looking to hire your first data scientist or expand your fledgling team? Finding the right data scientist to match your unique business needs can be challenging. We can help you identify the backgrounds appropriate for achieving your goals and help recruit a world class team.


Does your organization need a key data science solution, but not an expensive long term team? Let us help take you from proof of concept to production delivery. The team behind Data Skeptic can build to your vision and integrate with your existing technology stack.


Data Skeptic is the #1 ranked data science related podcast on iTunes. We reach a highly targeted audience on a weekly basis via the podcast as well as via the Data Skeptic blog and other outlets. Let's talk about how we can help get your message to our audience.

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