The Spread of Fake News

How does fake news get spread online? Its not just a matter of manipulating search algorithms. The social platforms for sharing play a major role in the distribution of fake news. But how significant of an impact can there be? How significantly can bots influence the spread of fake news?

In this episode, Kyle interviews Filippo Menczer, Professor of Computer Science and Informatics.

Fil's work in social sciences, network analysis, and data science and the spread of information in social media put him in an ideal place to provide expertise on the topic of fake news. Our conversation in this episode explores how and why fake news is spread through online channels. As you will hear, bots do place a particular role in this dissemination, but the involvement of bots is not the only explanatory feature.

Fil is part of the Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe). OSoMe are the creators of Hoaxy, Botometer, Fakey, and other tools for studying the spread of information on social media.

The interview explores these tools and the contributions Bots make to the spread of fake news.